attic band member interview

Where did the name attic come from?

A space or room just below the roof of a building.
Informal terms for a human head.
We would also suggest driving down Rogue River Hwy towards Rogue River from Grants Pass…  Also we would like to stress the lowercase “a” because we are weird like that.

What are your influences?


Other “A” bands of course… Agalloch, Arsis, Amon Amarth.
How would you describe attic’s sound?


Contrast would be our ultimate goal.  In my opinion you cannot have fast without slow, hard without soft.  I would also stress that attic does not write music, we discover it.  Our angle is that each individual in this band is not only a conduit, but also a filter.  We apply filters to what we discover, and hopefully in the end when the song(s) inevitably take control, we end up with something different – or offer a new angle in regards to our influences.

What changes has the band gone through, in regards to sound and members?


As far as guitar sound, we go back to contrast, Nathan is a Candlemass/King Diamond alternate picking pinch harmonic Carvin Ibanez mad man.  I would like to think I am a Swedish Death Metal Sunny Day Real Estate/Hum chronic down picker running Fenders and Schecters through a Marshall Mode 4 1960 stack.  We really compliment each other well in that we don’t necessarily ask each other to play what the other is playing – instead we do what is natural together, and simply rinse and repeat.

As far as members we have remained pretty consistent minus singers.  We had a couple in the past that either had bigger LA aspirations that we supported unconditionally, and another that just wasn’t the right fit.  Thankfully Jeremy entered the picture who we met through the same friend that introduced us to Nathan.  Love you Seanrad! Jeremy came right in and really breathed life into all the concepts we were aiming for in Seasons.  He is an amazing lyricist, he is such a chill dude – but clearly has a lot more unbridled passion there.  He connects with the songs and then connects those songs into everything we are trying to say.  Oh, and his highs and lows are like Prince’s Sexy Motherfucker in drop C.

Our beloved Nathan is fighting for a greater good in Afghanistan right now.  And no matter your/our opinions about that war – he is on a mission to discover himself right now and also jamming with a Blue Grass acoustic guy so we couldn’t be any more supportive of his choice.  Tyler Reeves has come in while Nathan is gone and learned everything so quickly that it actually made me think our shit was too simple.  He has a great style, and also brought in some hot 7-string on 6-string action – excited to have him write on our next album Mountain.

Mr. Joey Souza is not only a huge contributor to where I am today, but also a bigger influence.  Back in the day he brought me into Devour the Living – Alex Shane was our drummer singer, and also attic’s first vocalist.  Joey is first and foremost an amazing guitarist, and moreover an incredible unorthodox song writer who influences our sound greatly  – but he is currently in a Bass man’s world also playing for Steaksauce Mustache (look em up).  We are proud of that fact that Joey is the only string member running effects, and let me tell you his pedal board is any string players sloppy wet dream.

Lastly, Otis Blankenship IV… that’s right – the 4th motherfucker – I hadn’t even met a 3rd yet alone a 4th, and is the ENTIRE reason this band exists.  Again, our buddeh Seanrad would frequently have jam sesh’s at his casa – well Otis saw my crutch of chronic triplet down picks one night and said “Hey, we should get together and work on some schtuff.”  I can’t begin to explain how much he contributes to our sound.  He has some serious technical chops, but keeps it simple.  He is such an organic player and not just a 1’s and 0’s guy.  This d00d always slowly introduces each piece of his drum set in such an insightful way.  I get this, and in no way am I a drummer.